Cheese with an exclusive twist – it is ripened in red wine baths. Red wine contributes to
the beautiful dark purple edible rind and adds charac- teristic tang. With age it develops
fruity flavor, more creamy notes with a pleasant well ripened cheese aftertaste.

Ingredients: Raw caw’s milk, culture, rennet, salt
Affinage:100 days – 9 mo
Rind: natural, edible, ripened with red wine
Nutrition values per 100g
Calories: 1052kJ / 253 kcal

Total fats: 19g (incl. saturated fats 13.3 g) Carbohydrates: 1.5 (sugars 1.5) Protein: 20g NaCl:
< 1g
Storage: +2* – +18*C
Shelf life: 5 months
Weight: 4.5-6 kilos


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