Delicious fresh taste with herbaceous sweetness. Paste depends on its age, from hard and
crumbly to soft and creamy, perfect melting properties.
Pairs with dry cider, white wine or even beer. Unexpectedly well pairs with green tea,
grassy elements in both tea and cheese play up one another.

Ingredients: Raw caw’s milk, culture,
rennet, salt
Affinage: 60-150 days
Rind: natural, edible, ripened with salt brine
Nutrition values per 100g
Calories: 2055kJ / 496 kcal Total fats: 43g (incl. saturated fats 28.5g) Carbohydrates: 0
(sugars 0) Protein: 27.3g NaCl: < 2g
Storage: +2* – +18*C
Shelf life: 4 months
Weight: 1.5 – 2 kilos


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