Made from unpasteurized cow’s milk in a small brick-like shape. This small only 80-100 g
cheese with pale white mantle smells mushroomy and of strong scent of fermentation,
while the paste is creamy and almost runny, with a nutty flavour and a long aftertaste.
Goes well with green apples, crunchy sourdough bread and dry cider.

Ingredients: Milk, culture, rennet, salt; ripening culture P.Candidum
Affinage: 21-28 days
Rind: Bloomy white edible
Nutrition values per 100g
Calories: 1560kJ / 375 kcal Total fats: 33g (incl. saturated fats 20g) Carbohydrates: 0
(sugars 0) Protein: 25g NaCl: < 3g
Storage: +2* – +6*C
Shelf life: 21 day
Weight: 70-100 g


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