LĪLAVU (chedar type)



Made using the traditional cheddaring process and ripened with clothbound technique.
The bite is hard, but melts like chocolate leaving somewhat earthy and fruity aroma with
classic acidity and richness of nutty, buttery aftertaste.

Ingredients: Raw caw’s milk, culture, rennet, salt
Affinage 90 days – 18 month
Rind: clothbound
Nutrition values per 100g
Calories: 2055kJ / 496 kcal Total fats: 43g (incl. saturated fats 28.5g) Carbohydrates: 0
(sugars 0) Protein: 27.3g NaCl: < 2g
Storage: +2* – +15*C
Shelf life: 9 month, the whole log
Weight: 4-6 kilos


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