This delicate cheese with creamy paste is made using traditional French starter but using
milk of local cows from wild rich pastures. Properly aged ths cheese has thin somewhat
wrinkled grey rind with white, yellow, blue and red mold dots. Silky textured paste easy
melts on tongue revealing tastes of nuts, hay, cellars and mushrooms.
Matured at least 45 days and up to 70 days. With age it becomes softer and more pungent
indicating that cheese is still alive.

Ingredients: Milk, culture, rennet, salt; ripening food grade ash
Affinage: 45-70 days
Rind: Brine / ash washed, edible
Nutrition values per 100g
Calories: 1291kJ / 312 kcal Total fats: 26g (incl. saturated fats 21.8g) Carbohydrates: 0
(sugars 0) Protein: 19g NaCl: < 2g
Storage: +2* – +6*C
Shelf life: 30 days
Weight: 1200-1500 g, small bricks 350-400 g


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