About us

Today, SOIRA is a gourmet brand that combines traditional cheese-making techniques with a modern understanding of the fast-growing organic food market. Internationally rated in the world’s most recognized food rating system British Great Taste – for three consecutive years 2018-2020. The unique Soira cheese has only two ingredients: milk and salt. The rest is provided by way of making, bacteria and moulds that do their job in natural skilful maturing process. Biologically certified milk is used in the production of cheese, which means that cows graze in natural meadows, enjoy the sun, rain and Latvian summer outdoors. Production in just 20 km from of the capital – has shortened the delivery route to the largest consumer – Rīga.

Meet The Team

Inga Arina-Vilne


phone: +371 29108565 

e-mail: inga.arina@soira.lv

Ilona Lipe

Head of Production

phone: +371 29190153 

e-mail: Ilona.lipe@soira.lv